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      1. Baili company owns advanced and complete production line, from oilseed pretreatment facilities,
        oil pressers to refining machines and product quality inspection devices.
        We select best quality machines from at home and abroad to guarantee efficiency and quality. Baili has a capacity of 2500MT of vegetable.

        Contact us

        Jilin Baili Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

        Address:918 Yiyi Road, Kuancheng DistrictChangchun, 130000, China

        Tel:+86 431 82899011

        Fax:+86 431 82899177

        E-mail:sales@bailibiotech.com; info@bailibiotech.com

         : http://bailibiotech.en.alibaba.com

          : https://shop128237661.taobao.com

        +86 431 82899011
        Baili Biotechnology (Technical support: Star wide media)